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Welcome to Home Life Health Care!

Home Life Healthcare provides in-home medical and personal care services to the elderly, disabled, infirmed and special needs patients, including those who require in-home post-surgical care. We are committed to providing cost-effective, quality home health care and support services that are customized for each client and their family. Following the Home Life Healthcare mission of delivering high-quality care with great compassion, our nurses, therapists, and home health specialists deliver service in the eight counties that make up the Chicagoland area. Sound fiscal management allows our fast-growing agency to deliver services to home care patients and make a difference – Everyday!


Who Can benefit from Home Health Care?

Home Health is designed for clients who are:
  • convalescing from an illness and/or surgery

  • recovering from an accident or trauma

  • learning to cope with disability

What areas does Home Life Service?

Home Life Healthcare services Cook,Lake,


Boone & Winnebago Counties in Illinois. 

Who pays for Home Health Services?

  • Medicare

  • IL Public Aid (may require prior approval)

  • Commercial or Private insurance (coverage may vary)

  • Self-pay (call our office for visit rates)


Who is eligible?

To qualify for Home Health Care, a patient must:

  • be essentially homebound; requires assistance and supervision to leave home

  • require intermittent care from a skilled health professional

  • has a qualified physician to give orders for care


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